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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The joy of being a children's book illustrator begins the moment a new project is assigned to me. As an illustrator for children's books, my passion is to bring stories to life through my illustrations, and there's nothing quite like the excitement of starting a new picture book illustration project.

The process of creating illustrations for children's books is a journey that takes me on a magical ride, from the very first rough sketch to the final polished illustration. As I read through the story, I begin to visualize the characters and the settings in my mind's eye, and I start to think about the best way to translate the story into children's illustration.

I pour my heart and soul into each illustration, carefully crafting every detail to create the most beautiful and captivating children's book art possible. I take great pride in my work as a children's book illustrator, and the joy I feel when I finally hold the finished book in my hands is indescribable.

My children's book illustrator services include creating illustrations for kids books, children's book graphics and kids book illustration. I am dedicated to bringing the story to life for readers, making it an even more magical experience for everyone. This is the true joy of being a children's book illustrator, the ability to bring stories to life through my art.

Moran Reudor

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I have been illustrating children's books for many years and I really enjoy the process of bringing the authors' books to life. The whole process is a combination of whimsy magic and love. The magic begins at the stage of building the main character (a human or an animal).

First, to build the characters in the optimal and desired way, I read the whole story several times and have a dialogue with the author to get information from him/her about the characters and how he/she imagines them in their head. In this way I can collect information about the character’s personality and their surroundings. I also want to emphasize that if the author has no specific idea in mind it is fine. I can design the characters myself.

I put huge effort in each and every character that I create, and with the help of the author I go through a magical journey.


Moran Reudor

Lollipop Art Studio

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